How It Works


“Explain me the events that led to outbreak of French Revolution.”

Just upload your textbooks to PDF Chat. Start chatting with our AI Assistant, and you can complete assignments in seconds by getting answers to any queries straight from your textbook.

Complete homework in seconds with AI-enhanced learning. Your journey towards academic excellence just got a whole lot easier and more efficient with PDF Chat.

Student usecases


“Create a homework assignment based on His First Flight Prose by Liam O”

Instantly generate homework assignments, QnA's from any teaching material. Upload your teaching material and create assignments with AI in seconds. You can generate quizzes, question answers anything with ease, simply by asking our AI Assistant.

Teacher or educators usecases


“What are the major contentions in this case?”

Upload legal documents onto PDF Chat for a seamless review and investigative process. The AI assistant aids in quickly finding precedents and relevant clauses, enhancing productivity and accuracy in legal document handling.

You can even ask AI to translate judgements or understand complex legal jargon in seconds.

Legal usecases

All Files Chat AI

Create a smart AI Research Assistant that scans, analyses all your files at once, and answers from your material citing each source.

Mind Maps AI

Visuals are powerful .They can tell a story better than written text. Introducing Mind Maps with AI.

Now you can create mind maps and turn your thoughts into stunning visuals on PDFChat. You can even add a URL to draw these diagrams.

It's like having a sketchbook for your wild thoughts. Try it for free.